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3D Capture

Romer Absolute - Along with PcDmis Software, this 6 axis Inspection Arm along with PcDmis Software, gives us two main abilities which prove invaluable in our industry.


3D Capture - With such high tolerances and great range, we are able to 3D capture any manor of components. An example would be taking all data points from the bottom of an engine block to facilitate in the design of a dry sump system.


Inspection Reports -  A great deal of our work for the motorsport sector requires an inspection report to accompany each component. This gives our customers peace of mind that their order has been manufactured well within their specified tolerances.




PcDmis - This software is the backbone to the Roamer arm, enabling us to reverse engineer a wide veriety of components, but also used to produce inspection reports, when requested, for jobs once completed for customers.



Solidworks - An invaluable tool in our lineup, Solidworks is used for the great majority of our engineering design work making it a perfect 3D design solution for rapid creation of parts, assemblies, 2D drawings and advanced photorealistic rendering.

CAM - 3 & 4-Axis

OneCNC - For 3 & 4-axis work we operate the latest version of OneCNC XR6 Expert, a seamlessly integrated software package ideal for rapid programming and manufacturing. The perfect solution for prototype and small batch runs when you need parts in a hurry!


CAM - 5-Axis

OpenMind hyperMILL - Specifically for our 5-Axis Spinner, We also use the very powerful hyperMILL software for the programming of larger and more complex parts. This allows us to deliver better products faster and more efficiently than ever.

3-Axis Machines




Haas VF4 SS - With a 12,000 rpm spindle like the VF2, this machine offers the same advantages of speed, precision and flexibility, but with the valuable addition of capacity and machine travel which allows us to produce much larger components.

Machine travel

X 1270mm

Y 508mm



4th Axis

Nikken 320vAn added string to our bow, the Nikken rotary table upgrades the Haas VF4 to a 4 axis machine. This offers a number of benefits, primarily efficiency. Less jig fixures are required on more complex jobs which, in turn,  means less time spent on setup, and more time spent on manufacture.


With an upgraded diameter of 400mm and weight capacity of 200kg, this unit is perfect for large jobs that require maching from multiple angles.

Spinner U5 620 - New for 2017, this machine offers full simultaneous 5-Axis CNC milling machining. Even in a very short time the Spinner has proved to be a vital tool in our lineup.


As with the 4th Axis, the Spinner enables us to carry out much more complex operations in one pass. This makes machining challenging components more efficient by reducing setups and additional jig fixtures.


Machine travel

X 620mm

Y 520mm

Z 460mm

High Speed 3-Axis

Haas DM-2 - As AliTech has developed and grown, there has been an ever increasing requirement of batch manufacture from our customers.

Our latest edition, The DM-2 has been added to our line up for one main reason, speed. With a 15,000 rpm spindle speed and rapids in excess of 60m/min, this machine is proving perfect for low volume batch production.


Hass' latest machine is already a hit on the factory floor. Specifically set up for machining aluminium, production times are greatly reduced


Machine travel

X 711mm

Y 406mm

Z 394mm

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