Lotus Exige Billet shifter

The lotus Elise and Exige have become a very popular car amoung enthusiasts, and with many people using these cars in a racing enviroment or even as a weekend trackday toy they demand the very best of eveything.


Enter our billet shifter mechanisum design. 


Although it has a certain amount of additional unwanted movement, the standard Series 2 Elise shifter that is commonly used works fine under normal driving conditions, but under more spirited driving was found to have quite allot of flex in its cheap to produce sheet steel design, and offers no adustability in the shifter ratio or shifter positioning.


We set out to design a shifter that not only looked fantasic, but that offered ultimate ridgidity and adjustability. Our new billet design features a fully adjustable set of linkage arms that not only alows the user to adjust the static position of the gear lever, including its height. but that also alows you to set the throw ratio from a long throw similar to the standard lotus unit, all the way up to a super short throw race setting. 

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