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Projects - RS4 / RS6 Billet Engine Mounts

Following on from the Billet Golf R PlenumMRC Tuning, approached us to help with designing and producing a very unique product.

They had made major headway in a very special customer project - a complete transplant of the current C7 RS6 powerplant into an already great car, the RS4.

The task set was to design and create a bespoke set of engine mounts to make this whole project possible.

In a similar fashion to most projects, the first port of call was to get access to an engine block so that it could be modeled. This allowed us to 3D scan all of the engine mount bolt holes as well as the mounting points in the engine bay.

With the scan complete and a detailed brief from the customer we were able present them with a design stayed true to existing OEM units, including the ability to use the existing dampers.

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