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Projects - Billet Cam Cover

We were approached by DJ Engineering who asked if we could provide our machining expertise on one of their bespoke projects.

Part of this job was to produce a pair of cam covers that their CAD Designer, Andy Smith, had produced for a custom engine they were working on.

There are two main stages to a project like this. Firstly, we create a program from the supplied CAD data that allows the CNC Machines to run each operation. With our combined experience in this industry along with all the latest equipment, jobs like this are pretty straight forward. Our software is a good example of this - offering a range of tools that allow us to constantly monitor our workflow and, most importantly, simulate the entire machining process to avoid any potential problems later down the line.

Once our programmer is happy and the program is verified, the second stage of this process takes place - machining.

Once the billet is in place and the tools are all loaded and set, the machining begins. This starts with a fast roughing phase followed by multiple finishing passes. These are taylored to offer the finish the customer is after.

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